Sjöö Sandström

Royal Steel Classic 41 mm

Sjöö Sandström

As of today, Sjöö Sandström is one of very few independent watchmakers left in the world. Our vision is to combine the fine art of traditional watchmaking with the ultimate in high technology – two sides of our Swedish heritage. All the timepieces are assembled by hand at the workshop in central Stockholm. Each model is produced in a small, exclusive series and is individually numbered.

Our R&D-department collaborates with air force pilots, racecar drivers, divers and professional sailors with the same goal in mind: to develop the ultimate watch in every field.

A Sjöö Sandström timepiece always embodies electronic brilliance, reliability and accuracy with high end Scandinavian design and traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. That makes every Sjöö Sandström watch a valuable timepiece and an object of desire. In every detail, the goal is to combine the craftsmanship of traditional watchmaking with the ultimate in new technology and electronics. Beauty and emotion in perfect harmony with the time we live in. Craftsmanship is as important as electronics - and design as important as materials. Perfection with the special touch of Scandinavia design and materials.

To wear a Sjöö Sandström watch is to share the vision of design, tradition and innovation in perfect harmony.